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In 2016 West Palm Beach resident Kathy Nguyen began her mission to create a fun and fashionable fitness clothing brand. 
One day after shopping online for the perfect workout shirt and leggings she realized something was missing. 
Where are the cute and fun workout clothes for people trying to get motivated to start a new fitness lifestyle?
Kathy knew that for most people dedicating yourself to working out and living a healthier lifestyle is an uphill climb, and you need that extra "push" to get you to the gym. 
After talking with friends one day she came to the realization that nothing makes it easier to get up and hit the gym than loving your cute and fun workout clothes!
In early 2016 the name "Kitty Gains" was born - dedicated to the founders mission statement of helping more people think of fitness as a fun lifestyle through fun and fashionable clothing and accessories. 
Kitty Gains is all about being cute, sexy, and fun!
Ready to take a break from all the "hardcore fitness" clothing and boring corporate brands that dominate the fitness industry?
Then Kitty Gains is for you!

Friends Don't let other Friends walk into the gym wearing basic apparel. 

Be Unique, Be Fun, Be You!

A message From Founder Kathy Nguyen:

"My goal is to inspire others to think of fitness as a fun lifestyle. I started getting into fitness in 2015, and quickly realized that the fitness industry is full of people who take the lifestyle way too seriously. My goal through Kitty Gains is to inject more personality into the fitness industry through fun and fashionable clothing. I will continue to come up with awesome designs to inspire more people to workout, and to confidently express their unique style!"